Organic coffee is grown without chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or herbicides.  Composted organic material (coffee bean pulp, tree trimmings, etc.) is used to fertilize the plants.

Shade-grown coffee comes from coffee trees grown under a natural shade canopy.  Shade makes the coffee beans ripen slowly which greatly improves their flavor.  The shade trees – often fruits – diversify the landscape, help retain moisture in the soil, and prevent erosion.  These shade trees are also the winter home of many migratory songbirds such as Bicknell’s Thrush, a Vermont summer resident.

All of our coffees are

certified organic and fair trade

Vermont Coffee Company DARK

Our signature coffee is a big, rich, darkly complex blend that is roasted longer and more slowly to bring out the chocolaty, caramel flavors.

Vermont Coffee Company MEDIUM

A smooth, full-bodied blend that fits nicely between

our rich DARK blend and our light, bright MILD blend.

Vermont Coffee Company MILD

A light, lively, and smooth, all-day coffee with a soft, full body.

Vermont Coffee Company DECAF

A full-character coffee, roasted longer and darker, with only the caffeine removed by water process.


A single-origin, light-to-medium roast with hints of honey.


A rich, smooth medium roast with notes of caramel.


A full bodied dark roast with a spicy finish and hints of cocoa.