All you need to know to maximize your earnings while having fun!

1.Rehearse your sales pitch prior to the fundraiser kick-off.

Be an AMBASSADOR for your cause. Your introduction should place emphasis on your GOAL. Politely explain what the money is going to be used for. Whether you are raising money for new uniforms, a trip to Spain or upgraded sports facilities, let people know that their money is going toward a good cause.

2.Look and act like a professional.

MANNERS and APPEARANCE can go a long way in making a SALE. Wearing a team uniform or a shirt with your school’s logo lends authenticity to your cause and increases the chances of a sale. Be friendly and always say, “thank you!”

3.Know your product.

Promoting the QUALITY and VALUE of your product will encourage people to buy from you. Vermont Coffee Company roasts only fair trade, organic beans in small batches. Purchasing our coffee not only supports your LOCAL organization, it also promotes livable wages and environmentally safe work methods GLOBALLY.

4.Set goals and deadlines.

Set beginning and ending dates. Determining how much money you want to raise and when you want to raise it by helps create a timeline. Setting goals within specific periods of time keeps your fundraiser FOCUSED and ON TRACK.

5.Create an incentive plan.

You may want to consider offering REWARDS for top sellers in your group. A great way to provide incentives is through local business donations. Appoint two or three people from your group to approach local restaurants, salons, movie stores, music stores and boutiques for gift certificates or donations. An alternative to individual prizes is a group prize, such as a party or outing to celebrate if you reach your predetermined goal.

6.  Have FUN, be SAFE and SELL!