We’ve had such fun growing our own coffee plants here at our Roastery that we thought you might, too. We are not plant experts, so we cannot offer horticultural advice, but we can provide you with some links to resources that know more than we do.

For those of you who have received our coffee seeds at events and demos, the organic coffee seeds are from a community of farms in the Dominican Republic - Los Marrinitos, El Dulce, and Los Dajaos. This is a photo of our very own “bonsai” coffee plant that we’ve grown from seed. It is 9 years old and has survived numerous nights when the room temperature has dipped below 55º. You can see it when you visit our onsite CAFE. Ask the CAFE staff for a packet of your own seeds.

We DO NOT MAIL them.

We CAN tell you that coffee seeds are notorious for inconsistent seed germination, so we hope at least some of your seeds germinate and become healthy plants.

We hope that all of you who acquire the coffee seeds will document your experiences with stories and photos to send to us, and we will share them here on our website.

Here are some links to help you grow a healthy coffee plant:

Growing Coffee Beans at Home

Seed Germination

How to Care for your Coffee Plant


Lily’s coffee seedling just coming up after 6 weeks!


Our coffee plant over the years.....





November 2015

... . . after 9 weeks.

... . . 8 months later.


Amy reseeds our very own coffee seeds taken from our coffee plant,

and produces 31 more seedlings!