Café Alta Gracia®

This is a highly aromatic coffee with medium body and complex flavors. It comes from the Jarabacoa community in the Dominican Republic.

Finca Alta Gracia is a non-profit demonstration farm. It is named after the country’s protector, La Altagracia, which means “high grace.”

We provide our neighbors in the community with access to technical assistance, training in organic methods, and organic certification under our USDA umbrella. The quality of their coffee is exceptional — some say it cups like Jamaican Blue Mountain.

Our bags for Cafe Alta Gracia and Tres Mariposas are made with glassine liners.  Glassine is a wood product, and these bags are 100% biodegradable and 100% recyclable with the tin ties removed.


12 ounce bag $8.49

Case pack of five 12oz bags $42.00

  Bulk 5 pound bag $50.45

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Currently OUT OF STOCK