About Us

   We’re a small-town roaster located in Middlebury, Vermont.
The big flavor and complex character of our coffees are highlights of our unique style of

slow-roasting our beans in small batches, that we have perfected since we began roasting in 1979.

     All of our beans are certified organic. We source them from the great coffee-growing regions around the world, and we seek out big flavor and bold character in the beans we choose.

     We treat coffee like produce so you can enjoy it fresh. We roast to order and ship daily.

     Our motto, “Coffee Roasted for Friends” is more than a slogan, it is really our mission. Coffee is a social stimulus that brings people together to share ideas and stories, and when people come together, a community is formed and friends are made.

“Middlebury’s hippest street is about to get arty:

Vermont Coffee Company has opened a theater.”

(Seven Days VT)

Our business is coffee, but our mission is community.  Community is formed when people come together to share ideas, stories, and art.  Coffee is a social stimulus, and we have

created two places in Middlebury where people can gather and meet;

our CAFE and our PLAYHOUSE. We hope you come and join us. ”

Paul Ralston, Founder