About Us

   We’re a small-town roaster located in Middlebury, Vermont. We embrace fair trade relationships throughout our coffee business. We roast certified organic coffees, and we’ve developed a roasting style that creates Big, Bold Coffee!
For us, fair trade is a philosophy, not a flavor. We treat coffee like produce, and we want you to enjoy it fresh.

   Our motto, “Coffee Roasted for Friends,” is more than a slogan. It’s really our mission, our reason for being in this business. Coffee is a social stimulus that brings people together to share ideas and stories, and when people come together, a community is formed and friends are made.

Our CAFE is coming soon . . .

We love hearing from our friends!



We’re proud to be the coffee sponsor for GreenUp Day this year!

Email us if your group, town, or organization needs

coffee to help kickoff your GreenUp Day: